Driver Event Info:

Race Specific Info

  • Sardegna A
  • Track Time: 13:10 Clear
  • BOP no tuning
  • Group 3 cars
  • 90 Minute endurance or lap equivalent.
  • Tire and fuel at 3x
  • Tire requirements in effect, see below


  • Design
    • Each driver is responsible for their livery’s. You can have someone make them for you.
    • No vulgar images or language
  • Requirements
    • Must have RWB Racing number placard on both sides and the rear of the car
    • Must use the green digital numbers that have been provided (reach out if you need them)
    • Must have the Team Tourette or other Tourette logos that have been provided (reach out if you need them). They have been shared and tagged with “Tourette”
    • Some drivers will have fully sponsored cars.
    • Some drivers will have no sponsors, and that is ok.


I will be holding qualifying on Saturday November 7th, from 12pm to 3pm Eastern.

  • 2 Hot laps for your qualifying time
    • 1 out lap, 2 hot laps, 1 cool down lap
    • Drivers will be spaced out by ½ track if there is a need to get more people going, to save time.
    • Drivers stay on their cool down lap, until I document their times, and release them.
    • Soft tires only
    • No fuel or tire wear
    • I may or may not be live streaming the qualifier, so if I am, please keep the language clean in the audio chat (people might be listening) 😉

Race Day

In reading this next section, keep in mind that this is a charity event, and it is all about “The Show”. So let’s keep it clean.

  • There will be a chat you open ( I will send invites for the group).
  • We encourage you ALL to be on the live chat. It will make the race that much more fun for you and allow drivers to signal to each other easier.
  • There are no restrictions on language in the chat. But interviews must be PG 😉
  • If you are involved in an incident, it will allow you to tell the other driver to wait (as is our custom…see below), or allow them to continue on.
  • The pace car driver will be on chat with all of you during the formation lap, to make sure everything is going ok, and will communicate if we have to do a 2nd lap.


  • Chris Ball (RWB_PresidioDog) and Coty Thompson (RWB_Cupcake) will be the commentators and race directors.
  • Interviews
    • I would like to hold some pre-race interviews with the drivers. Again…clean language of course.
    • If you are comfortable in doing on the spot interviews, let me know.

Race Time

  • Formation Lap **UPDATED** Changed to grid start no false check
    • We will start the race in a “Set by host”, with a rolling start.
    • This is an opportunity to add some realism to the event.
    • RWB_Cupcake will be the safety car driver.
    • Under no circumstances will you pass the safety car
    • Before the final sharp left turn, the safety car will slow down to 35 mph.
      • This will be the time for all cars to close up on each other
      • After the corner, the pole sitter will line up behind and to the left of the safety car, and P2 will line up to the right and so on.
      • Remember, that while the safety car is on track, it will be P1.
      • I will have a diagram of exactly where everyone needs to be, after qualifying.
    • The safety car will maintain 35mph until it goes into the pit lane.
    • When the safety car pits
      • The pole sitter will control the start of the race.
      • When P1 and P2 cross the start finish, the race begins.
    • If there is an issue with the formation before the start finish, then the safety car may take you around another lap and try again. We will not reset the lobby.
  • Flags
    • A red flag will only be called if there is an incident that involves more than 2 cars on the first lap.
    • There will only be 2 red flag opportunities/
      • The 1st red flag start will be a grid start, set by host.
      • The 2nd red flag start will be a rolling start.
    • All other normal flags are to be followed.
  • Tire requirements
    • Fuel and Tire wear are set to x3
    • Tires allowed will be Soft to Hard
    • You are required to run 10 laps min on Soft and 10 laps min on Hard.
    • Medium tires are optional.

Race Etiquette / Penalties

  • If you bump or run someone off the track (it happens) wait and return the position to them. Yes, it may put you to the back but will also save you from receiving a penalty from the race stewards.
    • An infraction will cost you a 20 second penalty if you do not give back the spot.
  • DO NOT CROSS PIT LANE lines please