Respect each other and the race, everyone is striving for that podium finish.


If you bump or run someone off the track (it happens) wait and return the position to them. Yes, it may put you to the back but will also save you from receiving a penalty from the race stewards (yes, we have those)


If you’re involved in an incident that you feel needs to be reviewed, send a video clip to the host and it will be looked at and penalties served if needed.


All race penalties for exceeding track limits during the race need to be served at the start/finish line of that lap and not by slowing through corners trying to burn them off. If you’re found to be holding other drivers up, you could subject yourself to a point penalty for the race.

Stuff Happens

Most Importantly: Race as clean as you can, we all know accidents happen. Be courteous to others on the track. If you’re found to be continuously causing incidents or being aggressive, you’ll be blocked from the page and events.