This year will be a little different. There will be several seasons this year. And the top point earner for the year will be crowned 2021 Series Champion.


January 8th through February 5th.

4 Weeks, 8 races, 2 races per night. Each race would be about 25-30 minutes long, with a break in between.
There will be 7 teams, with 14 drivers

The qualifier and all races will be live streamed on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.

There will be team and individual driver points scored.


Teams will be chosen on JANUARY 1st (FB Live Broadcast)

The previous championship team is allowed to stay together if they choose, or will be put back into the draw.
The draw will consist of the top 7 drivers from last season, being paired with the rest of the registered drivers.

The team will be drawn, then one of the top 7 drivers, then the teammate.

RWB members have priority over outside members, but all are encouraged to sign up.

Livery’s need to be submitted by January 7th, for the qualifier on January 8th.


January 8th, 2021

Qualifying will be from 9:00pm Eastern through 11pm Eastern.

Each grid after the first race will be set based on the fastest lap times in the previous race.

We will do qualifying similar to World Cup and Charity Races. 1-2 drivers on the track at any given time, with large gap in between.

You will have 1 out lap, 2 hot laps, and 1 in lap for your times to be recorded.

There will be no fuel or tire wear during qualifying.

Qualifying Order For Next Race


NXWXK (74)

Alfa Romeo

RWB_JROD23 (23)

RWB_VGrasso88 (88)

RWB_Cupcake (33)

BigRed_UofA (420)

RWB_JoeyCannoli (12)


RWB_Supermex (40)


RWB_Kweimei (419)

Red Bull
Jcota50 (7)

RWB_Jack (14)

Red Bull
RWB_Kitchuation (50)

GBubTrawick (333)


Alfa Romeo


Lobby will be open at 8:30pm Eastern for practice. (20 min practice on 2nd track, the remaining on the 1st track).
Races will begin promptly at 9:15. If you are late, then you miss the race.
There will be 20 minutes between the 2 races for practice and bio breaks.

Race Schedule

Race #CourseDateLapsFuelTiresRace Time On TrackRequired Tires
QualifierBarcelona08-JAN-20212 Hot Lapsx0x016:30Soft Tires Only
1Barcelona15-JAN-202117x2x616:30S&H 5 Laps Each
2Red Bull Ring15-JAN-202122x2x613:15S&H 5 Laps Each
3Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps22-JAN-202114x2x612:00S&H 5 Laps Each
4Suzuka22-JAN-202117x2x614:30S&H 5 Laps Each
5Nürburgring GP/F29-JAN-202117x2x615:00S&H 5 Laps Each
6Interlagos29-JAN-202122x2x613:45S&H 5 Laps Each
7Fuji GT (Short)05-FEB-202120x2x612:00S&H 5 Laps Each
8Monza05-FEB-202117x2x615:00S&H 5 Laps Each

Team Rankings

PositionTeam NameTotal Points
4Red Bull125
6Alfa Romeo114

Driver Finishing Results

Driver NameWinsPodiumsTop 5Top 10
RWB_Trology (28)
NXWXK (74)1235
RWB_JoeyCannoli (12)0247
Jcota50 (7)0001
RWB_VGrasso88 (88)0268
GBubTrawick (333)0014
RWB_Cupcake (33)7888
RWB_Supermex (40)
RWB_Kitchuation (50)
BigRed_UofA (420)
RWB_Jack (14)
RWB_Kweimei (419)0003
RWB_JROD23 (23)0478
Ando787 (787)0002


  • Tuning: Yes
  • Tires Available: S,M,H
  • Required Tires: Soft and Hard (5 lap minimum each)
  • Damage: Heavy
  • Slipstream: Real
  • Track Edge: Real
  • Driving Aids: Off
  • TC: Available
  • ABS: Available
  • Shortcut: Weak


  • Normal RWB Rules/Penalties.
  • If you force a car off track or cause an incident whereby you gain a position over someone, you MUST give that position back.
  • You must slow down, and allow the affected car to pass you, and give them back the position. If that other car has heavy damage from the incident, then you must allow them to pass you first, before you can continue racing. At which point, you may pass them at race speed and continue on.
  • TO BE CLEAR….If you don’t serve your penalties appropriately, you will be penalized with position penalties.
  • Penalties for no redress:
    • 2 Finishing positions if you do not redress before crossing the start finish line on the lap the incident happened (or the next lap if the incidents happens at or near the start finish. If it is on the last lap, Stewards will review potential intentions)
    • 1 additional finishing position for every time you cross the start finish line before allowing the offended driver to pass.
    • You may not use the Pits as a mechanism to slow and give the driver back the position.
      • If both drivers receive damage, you may go into pits ahead of offended driver for repairs, and then you must yield the position on the out lap.
  • All track penalties for shortcuts, must be served before crossing the start finish line on the lap the penalty has occurred.
    • If (like at Red Bull Ring) you get the penalty on the last corner, and it doesn’t show up until you are crossing the line, you must serve it on the next lap. The gist is, that you serve your penalty on the lap you get it.
    • If you do not serve your time penalty before crossing start finish appropriately, you will be given a grid start penalty of 1 space for each infraction.
  • Mandatory Tires
    • Failure to run the required tires will cost a 1 minute penalty
    • Failure to run the required number of laps will be a 20 second penalty per missing lap.
  • Pits
    • Crossing pit lane exit will result in a 5 second penalty for each infraction, added at the end of the race.
    • Crossing pit lane entrance, will also be a 5 second penalty, unless avoiding a collision, being forced over or being out of control.
  • Blocking
    • RWB rules prohibit a driver from making “two moves”, the idea being that the leading driver chooses their line and then has to stick to it and not perform an additional move in reaction to the following driver’s choice of passing points. This can also be described as “moving in the breaking zone”, or changing your line after you begin braking, to “defend” the corner, when a driver is making a move to pass you.
    • If a driver decides to take the inside line, they need to stay on the inside line. If they come back out in front of another driver to impede the other driver taking a faster line, then that is blocking.
      • Illegal blocking will result in a penalty for each infraction with a grid start penalty in the next race, or a position penalty if it is the final race.

Team Info

  • Ferrari
  • Mercedes
  • Red Bull
  • BWT
  • HAAS
  • Alfa Romeo
  • Renault

01 – 18
02 – 16
03 – 14
04 – 13
05 – 12
06 – 11
07 – 10
08 – 9
09 – 8
10 – 7
11 – 6
12 – 5
13 – 4
14 – 3


Reserve drivers, will drive for the team they are filling in for. And any points they earn, will go toward the driver and the team they are filling in for.

Livery Regulations

  • Must not contain profanity
  • Cars are not required to be “matching” for the teams, but is encouraged.
  • The official RWB 2021 red circle logo, must be present on every car, on the left and right “other” winglets
  • The driver PSN name is required on the back of the rear wing of every car
  • The RWB Number placard is required on the nose, and both sides of the rear wing.
  • The Detailing Group Series Sponsor logo is required on both sides of the rear wing.
  • Sponsors and charities of your choosing are allowed.
  • Reserve Drivers should run the driver livery for whom they represent, or no livery at all.

Prize Money

Thanks to our Season Sponsor Detailing Group, Inc., who has donated prize money to be awarded to the top 7 drivers at the end of the series. Below is the breakdown…

  • Each point for the top 3 drivers at the end of the season will be worth $0.50 each
  • Each point for the 4th through 7th place drivers at the end of the season will be worth $0.25 each
  • The Constructor Championship bonus will be $40.00 to split between the 2 drivers of the winning team with the most points for the season.