Make sure to add RWB_PresidioDog on PSN…He will be hosting the lobbies.

The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown!

RWB and NHR will take this gang war to the track. Here are the details

Points will be scored, and RWB_PresidioDog will be streaming the event. Each team driver will score points towards their team. The team with the most points after races 1 and 2, will decide the 3rd track for the GR2 race.

There will be 7 drivers from each team.

Livery’s are whatever you want!

RWB Etiquette Rules Apply


  • 10 Minute qualifier for race 1.
  • Lobby will be reset to start the race clock in practice mode. You will have until the 10 minute mark to cross the start finish line. If you corss the start finish after the 10:00 mark, your qualy is over
  • Park the car after sector 1, and DO NOT LEAVE THE TRACK. This will allow the race director to document the positions.
  • Once the race director has the order, he will relase you to the pits, so you can select the tires you wish to run.
  • There will be a 5 min break before the race.

Qualifier will be at 8:45pm ET – Race Promptly at 9pm ET

Race Details:

  • BOP No Tuning
  • Fuel and Tire Wear On (no compound requirements)
  • Fuel and Tires x2
  • Slipstream Real
  • Track Edge Real
  • Boost None
  • Damage Light

Race 1: Group 4 Cars (track choice RWB)
Track: St Croix C II
Endurance 20 min

Race 2: Group 3 Cars (track choice NHR)
Track: TBD
Endurance 20 min

Race 3: Group 2 Cars (track choice team with most points)
Track: RWB Choice – | NHR Choice –
Endurance 20 min