Host: RWB_G8GTdriver

Gr3/Gr4 MFR Series | Season 1

This marks the return of the Gr4’s to RWB Racing/MRC……well sort of…..

This series will focus on the Manufacturer line up in both the Gr3/Gr4’s and not solely on the Gr4’s. This season we’re adding the Gr3’s to each week’s race schedule, meaning you will field one Gr4 and one Gr3 from your Manufacturer each week. The first race will be a 15min sprint in the [Gr4’s], followed by a 30min race in the [Gr3’s].

The Manufacturer you choose for the first race will be your pick for the remainder of the season, so choose wisely. Some makers offer a great Gr4, others offer a really good Gr3 and a few have a good balance between the two. Which Manufacturer will you represent this season?

This Saturday will be a test event of sorts. We’ll run short 3lap sprints, swapping between Gr3 and Gr4 at Laguna Seca (which will NOT be in the series btw) to give everyone a good idea of your choice for the series.

TOD; Default
BOP ON/Tuning prohibited
Fuel usage and tire wear off
All tire compounds allowed
Slipstream real
Boost off
All penalties set to OFF, but will be heavily monitored for abuse
Aids allowed, but not encouraged

///// Race lobby will open at 9pm EST on Saturday/Race day \\\\\
—Lobby will be set to practice/qualifier/race so please be on time at Qualifier start—
-15min Qualifier (in Gr4) @9:15pm EST
-Grid start with false start check
-First race (GR4-15min) at 9:30pm EST
-15min break for car change and warm-up laps
-Reverse Grid Start with false start check
-Second race (GR3-30min) at 10pm EST

RaceDateCourseLapsFuel/Tire WearBOPTuningTime of day
115FEB20Red Bull Ring Short Track (Gr4)15MINNoOnProhibitedDefault
215FEB20Red Bull Ring (Gr3)30MINNoOnProhibitedDefault
322FEB20Autodrome Lago Maggiore-Center (Gr4)15MINNoOnProhibitedDefault
422FEB20Autodrome Lago Maggiore-West (Gr3)30MINNoOnProhibitedDefault
529FEB20Blue Moon Bay Speedway-Infield B II (Gr4)15MIN4X Fuel 8X TireOnProhibitedDefault
629FEB20Blue Moon Bay Speedway-Infield A II (Gr330MIN4X Fuel 8X TireOnProhibitedDefault
707MAR20Autopolis International RC-Short (Gr4)15MIN4X Fuel 8X TireOnProhibitedDefault
807MAR20Autoplois International Racing Course (Gr3)30MIN4X Fuel 8X TireOnProhibitedDefault
914MAR20Alsace Village II (Gr4)15MIN4X Fuel 8X TireOnProhibitedDefault
1014MAR20Alsace Village (Gr3)30MIN4X Fuel 8X TireOnProhibitedDefault
1121MAR20Kyoto Driving Park -Miyabi (Gr4)15MIN4X Fuel 8X TireOnProhibitedDefault
1221MAR20Dragon Trail-Seaside (Gr3)30MIN4X Fuel 8X TireOnProhibitedDefault