Welcome to the 2nd installment of the RWB World GT Cup Series

Season 2 is upon us racer’s! The World GT Cup Series is back! There is a change to the structure with Car/Track specific races as well. We wanted to give you more of a challenge.

Races will be 90 minutes with the pit window between the minute 48 to minute 42 like in the previous season. There will still be five GT4 races and five GT3 races but this season each race you will be given a list of cars you can choose from.

Races begin at 8:30pm Eastern Time

Rules and Regulations

We at RWB Racing, pride ourselves on racing etiquette and these are long races with full damage, you won’t win on the first lap. Because of the full damage I don’t want anyone stopping or waiting on the track, it is too much of a hazard for the other drivers, please keep racing and you will be given a penalty if reported. If you have any issues with contact me RWB_Venom or RWB_Igorski we will go over it and determine from there.

You will only be given 3 strikes for aggressive contact like punting or forcing another driver off the track, after that you will be disqualified from the season.

Penalties must be served before crossing the start finish line

Penalties for contact:

First aggressive penalty 30 seconds. 2nd aggressive penalty 1:00 minute. 3rd aggressive penalty 2:00 and disqualified from the series

This race will be full damage so you can go into pits at anytime for damage but remember if you get tires and, or fuel outside of the pit window you will be penalized. Penalties will be delivered for each violation, it is not a one time thing.

GT4 PIT Penalties:

  • Fuel outside window-30 sec
  • Tires outside window-30 sec
  • Both outside window-1:00 minute

GT3 PIT Penalties:

  • Fuel outside window-1:00 minute
  • Tires outside window- 1:00 minute
  • Both outside window-2:00 minute


Qualifying will be held on January 16th, at 7pm EST till 11 EST we will have a GT3 room open please friend RWB_Venom. For this we will have you run 5 laps in the Alpha 4c GT3 car, 1 out lap, 3 hot laps, and a cool down lap, the host will let you know when he is ready for you to go on track, we will take your time and that will determine where you start in the first race, from then on your position for the next race will be determined by your fastest lap from the previous race

RaceDateCourseTrack TimeGroupFuelTiresRequired Tires
123-JAN-2021St Croix A20:30Atenza GT4, M4 GT4x2x2RS and RM
230-JAN-2021Brands Hatch10:00 CloudyF-Type GT3, V12 Vantage GT3x2x1RS and RM
306-FEB-2021Fuji Short05:00 SunriseGT-R GT4, Lancer Evo GT4, WRX GT4x2x2RS and RM
413-FEB-2021Nurburgring GP20:20 TwilightR8 GT3, M6 GT3, 911 RSR, Z4 GT3, SLS AMG, AMG GTx2x1RS and RM
520-FEB-2021Goodwood13:15 NoonMegane GT4, Scirocco GT4x2x2RS and RM
606-MAR-2021Laguna Seca14:30 AfternoonCorvette GT3, Viper GT3, Mustang GT3x2x1RS and RM
713-MAR-2021Interlagos13:45 FineCayman GT4, 650S GT4, NSX GT4x2x2RS and RM
27-MAR-2021Suzuka15:45 FineNSX GT3, RC-F GT3, Genesis GT3x2x1RS and RM
903-APR-2021Monza13:45 Fine458 GT4, Huracan GT4x2x2RS and RM
1010-APR-2021Spa20:30 DuskRX Vision GT3, Citroen GT GT3, VW GTI GT3, FT-1 GT3, Peugeot VGT GT3, RS.01 GT3x2x1RS and RM