Season 3 of the MRC-RWB GTTCC Gr4 will replace the Mazda Roadster Cup for this round and begin Saturday Oct.19th at 7:30pm CST. This season will be a bit different as you will be required to field 2 different cars each week (one for each race on Saturday) and they must be of two different drivetrain configurations, basically a 2 car garage. Example; if you choose to race your Vette (FR drive) in the first race, the second race must be one of a different drive. I.e. FF, MR or 4wd. This will ensure the FF cars do not dominate the series. If we wanted an AUDI TT Cup, We’d run one. No give backs or car changes once you field them the first week.
Lobby Settings: Track TOD will be default time BOP ON-TUNING PROHIBITED Fuel usage and tire wear off All tire compounds allowed/RSS encouraged though…. Slipstream real Boost off Corner cutting penalty – HIGH Wall Pen/side contact pen off All Aids allowed except Auto Drive
^^^Race lobby opens at 7:30pm CST race day^^^ -30 min qualifier -Grid start with false start check -First race at 8pm CST -10 min break then Reverse grid start for second race with second car -Please stay on track after Qualifying, Gtsport will place you at the rear of the grid if you’re in the pits at race start. 2min notification will be given before race start. No restarts UNLESS first corner or two become a war zone!!
This series will run with a points system with an additional point given for Pole for the first race only and one point each for fastest lap in either race.

HOST: MRC_G8GTdriver

Race Schedule

119OCT 8:30 ETDragon Trail Seaside II1515OffOff
219OCT 8:30 ETSaint Croix-B1515OffOff
326OCT 8:30 ETSuzuka1515OffOff
426OCT 8:30 ETCatalunya1515OffOff
502NOV 8:30 ETInterlagos1515OffOff
602NOV 8:30 ETKyoto-Yamagiwa1515OffOff
709NOV 8:30 ETLago Maggiore1515OffOff
809NOV 8:30 ETNurburgring GP1515OffOff
916NOV 8:30 ETMount Panorama1515OffOff
1016NOV 8:30 ETCircuit de Spa-Francorchamps 1515OffOff

Race 1 | Dragon Trail Seaside II

Race 2 | Saint Croix-B

Race 3 | Suzuka

Race 4 | Barcelona Catalunya

Race 5 | Interlagos

Race 6 | Kyoto-Yamagiwa

Race 7 | Lago Maggiore

Race 8 | Nurburgring GP

Race 9 | Mount Panorama

Race 10 | Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps