Season 3 will see the return of the same settings applied as last season with BoP on, tuning prohibited, fuel and tire wear at 5x.
However instead of a set number of laps, we will be running timed sessions. Each race, regardless of track size will be 30 minutes.
One race each week with the opportunity to not only receive points for placement, but for fastest lap and qualification as well.

Practice opens at: 8:45 pm Eastern
Qualifying opens at: 9:00 pm Eastern
Race starts at: 9:30 pm Eastern

Race Schedule

RaceDateCourse/TrackPointsLapsFuel UsageTire Usage
107NOVCircuit de Sainte-Croix - A 2030 Minutes5x5x
214NOVAutopolis Racing Crouse2030 Minutes5x5x
321NOVBlue Moon Bay Speedway - Infield A 2030 Minutes5x5x
428NOVWillow Springs International Raceway: Big Willow2030 Minutes5x5x
505DECRed Bull Ring 2030 Minutes5x5x
612DECFuji International GT2030 Minutes5x5x
719DECNurburgring GP 2030 Minutes5x5x

Race 1 | Circuit de Sainte-Croix – A

Race 2 | Autopolis Racing Course 

Race 3 | Blue Moon Infield – A 

Race 4 | Willow Springs International Raceway: Big Willow

Race 5 | Red Bull Ring 

Race 6 | Fuji GT

Race 7 | Nurburgring GP