After a long absence in the league, Gr4’s return to RWB racing on Sept 5th for a 4 week event……
[Sept. 5th] starts season 4 of the RWB racing Gr4 Series. The series will run 4 weeks, 3 x 20 minute races each week with a short qualifier to set the grid for the first race. This season will be scored a bit differently than the standard point system. **After each race weekend is complete (total of 3 races) the cumulative total for each driver will be added together for their total time for the night. Each driver will place based on their TOTAL time for the 3 races. (Lowest time will podium in P1 and so on for that week’s races) After the 4 week event is complete, the cumulative total for the 4 weeks will be added together for each driver and the series podium winners will be named** (I really hope I explained that clearly) Event Settings:
-Class [GR-4 only]
-HP/Weight [400hp / 2500lbs]
-Tuning WILL be allowed
-Tire/Fuel will be OFF as always for the GR-4 series
-Tire Compound [any compound allowed]
-Slipstream real/Boost off
-Penalties OFF

Race lobby opens at 8:30 EST
-10 min qualifier at 9 to set grid for first race (1st race start at 9:15)
-Grid start WITH false start check
-3 x 20min races (laps set based on track)
-Reverse grid start for race 2&3 with a short break between races
-Please stay on track after qualifying. 2 min notice given before race start. Red flag will be called in the event a driver attempts to win the race in the first corner. ALL RWB racing rules apply concerning on track driver etiquette.Race fast…Race clean…

RaceDateCourseTrack TimeFuel/TiresTuning Yes
105-SEP-20Interlagos09:15NoneMAX 400HP
MIN 2500 LBS
212-SEP-20Dragon Trail Gardens10:00NoneMAX 400HP
MIN 2500 LBS
319-SEP-20St. Croix B07:10NoneMAX 400HP
MIN 2500 LBS
426-SEP-20Spa16:45NoneMAX 400HP
MIN 2500 LBS

HOST: RWB_Outlaw