This season we will be focusing on the Endurance aspect of the league with each race being 45 minutes up to an hour long. Those of you who are part of the SFR league will be familiar with this kind of racing.

Drivers party/lobby open: 8:30
Qualification: 8:45
Race Start: 9:00


At 8:45, the lobby will reset and qualification will begin. You will have 15 minutes to set your fastest lap. Once the 14 minute mark has been hit, an announcement to finish your lap will be made. At that time, you will need to cross the finish line and park your car just past the first sector.


Penalties will be off for the duration of the season. The host will save each replay to be reviewed during the week. Any continuous actions that would result in a penalty will result in a removal from the league. Actions that will result in a penalty for this league are as follows:

-Knocking another driver off track and not returning the position
-Cutting corners
-Not using different compounds
-and any other foul play


BoP is ON
Tire Wear: 5x
Fuel Consumption: 2x
Slip/Boost: Realistic/Off
Damage: Full

Tire compounds will be set to (RH), (RM), and (RS). You must use the (RH) and (RM) tires for AT LEAST 5 laps. Once you cross the line to begin your 6th lap, you may then come in to change your compounds and that stint will be completed


This season we will keep the same concept with the teams. This Sunday, I will be doing a live draw of all the drivers that reacted to “going” on this post. Once your team has been selected, it will be up to you to determine a sponsorship for the season. 3 or more absences will result in your teamate selecting a replacement driver if one is available.

**Available Cars**

All Gr3 cars will be available this season. Once you select your car, you MUST stick with it until after round 6. At that time, the option to change your car or stick with the one you have will be available. Your team DOES NOT have to run the same car.

RaceDateCourseLaps/TimeTiresFuelTime of dayRequired Tires
130-JUL-2020Dragon Trail Seaside45-60 Min5x2xRM,RH (5 laps Ea)
206-AUG-202045-60 Min5x2xRM,RH (5 laps Ea)
313-AUG-202045-60 Min5x2xRM,RH (5 laps Ea)
420-AUG-202045-60 Min5x2xRM,RH (5 laps Ea)
527-AUG-202045-60 Min5x2xRM,RH (5 laps Ea)
603-SEP-202045-60 Min5x2xRM,RH (5 laps Ea)
710-SEP-202045-60 Minin5x2xRM,RH (5 laps Ea)
817-SEP-202045-60 Min5x2xRM,RH (5 laps Ea)
924-SEP-202045-60 Min5x2xRM,RH (5 laps Ea)
1001-OCT-202045-60 Min5x2xRM,RH (5 laps Ea)
1101-OCT-202045-60 Min5x2xRM,RH (5 laps Ea)
1201-OCT-202045-60 Min5x2xRM,RH (5 laps Ea)

Hosted By: RWB_CWinkle16