The GR-2 series for Season Two: Thursday evenings.

Lobby Open: 9pm ET | Qualifying 9:10pm ET | Race 9:30pm ET


  • Full BOP
  • Damage Light
  • Ghosting off
  • Penalties will be weak
  • Grip on Real
  • Fuel and tire wear in effect, check schedule.
  • Tires Available: S,M,H
  • 1 set of each tires ONLY. You can only use one set of each compound.


You are required to run 2 different cars in the series each night. The 2 cars you race in the first two races, are the cars you will run for the season. Each race night, you will run 1 of your cars in the first race, and the other car in the second race.

Host: BigMacJon1982

RaceDateCourseTrack TimeLap CountFuelTires
128-JAN-2021Le Sarthe22:00103x6x
228-JAN-2021Maggiore GP11:30157x6x
404-FEB-2021Dragon Gardens13:00157x6x
504-FEB-2021Sardegna A19:20157x6x
818-FEB-2021Tokyo South Inner Lloop12:30157x6x
918-FEB-2021Suzuka GP14:30157x6x
1025-FEB-2021Kyoto Y+M II15:20157x6x
1104-MAR-2021Brands Hatch GP11:30157x6x
1311-MAR-2021St Croix B20:30157x6x
1411-MAR-2021Alsace II17:15157x6x
1518-MAR-2021Red Bull Ring13:15157x6x