The GR-2 series for Season 3: Wednesday evenings.

Lobby Open: 8:45pm ET | Qualifying 9:15pm ET | Race 9:30pm ET

Practice/Qualifying/Race set up so if they don’t get there before qualifying starts they don’t get to race

Host: Rwb_BigMacJon


  • 30 Minute Endurance Series
  • BOP No Tuning
  • Damage Light
  • Ghosting off
  • Grid Start False Start Check
  • Penalties will be weak
  • Grip on Real
  • Fuel and tire wear in effect, check schedule.
  • Tires Available: RM and RS required during the race. So yes, you will have to pit and run the other compound. (1 minute penalty if you don’t)
  • 5 Bonus points for Pole Postion
  • 5 Bonus points for Fastest lap


You are required to run 1 car only in the series (you may change cars only once and must run the new choice the remainder of the season).

124-NOV-2021Lago Maggiore GP11.30 fine weather 5x5x
201-DEC-2021Sardegna A12:00 Cloudy5x5x
308-DEC-2021Tokyo South Inner Loop 12:45 fine weather5x5x
415-DEC-2021Seaside10:00 fine weather5x5x
522-DEC-2021Spa20:30 Sunny
629-DEC-2021St Croix B09:40 Cloudy5x5x