Come join us as we race the Renault Gordini 66′. If you think you can’t enjoy running an old car, you are very much mistaken. These cars are a blast, and the camaraderie of the group is the best yet.
We have a tune to freely share, and the racing is some of the most exciting you will experience. Doubters beware…you will fall in love with this lunchbox on wheels.

Races start at 9pm Eastern, and here is how it works

  • Race 1 is a vote track sprint race
  • Race 2 is a vote track sprint race
  • Race 3 is a vote track sprint race
  • Race 4 (Final) is a 12 lap vote track, chosen from one of the 3 sprint races.
  • Grid is either reverse grid or not…it’s always a surprise!
  • No tire wear
  • Fuel starts at half a tank…which is fine for the sprints, but will need a pit int he final.
  • Tuning is allowed.
  • Power and weight are max/min respectively.

Look for an RWB host like: RWB_VFrancisco or RWB_PresidioDog