The SF | Rolex Series Begins January 10th, 2020

  • There will be 2 divisions, and the top 50% (or 7) of drivers from each division will compete in a final 3 race back to back shootout. Starting with zero points each.
  • East Division: Races at 8:30pm EST
  • West Division: Races at 10:00pm EST
  • We will live stream both races, so that the other division can watch the races.
  • Mandatory drivers meetings/qualifying begins 15 minutes before the race start time. Drivers who miss the meeting time will be placed at the rear of the field, no exceptions.
  • Each Division will have a maximum of 14 drivers. This will allow for spectator commentary.
  • Weather may change for tracks. So practice both wet and dry conditions. Wet conditions would be a wet track with no rain falling. Currently the only course I. the series is Spa that has this condition, but if other tracks have the feature by race day, they may change.


We will have 2 man teams, drawn at random for Season 1

BOP on but Tuning will be open.

Boost will be on during the regular season to keep cars closer together and tighter competition. There will be no boost during the championship.

Fastest Lap and Pole points will not be awarded this season.

Each team will use either SF Honda or the SF Toyota ONLY

All entries must have the approved RWB Racing placard with driver number and name on the front and both sides of the vehicle. These placards are/will be available from the host.

Each team will need to have/create their own Livery for their team. No team will have the same team name. Example, there will be only one Ferrari team and one Red Bull and so on. Feel free to use livery’s from the GT Community.

Each team will field a minimum of 1 car for each race. This will allow people with a schedule conflict to miss a race. Substitutes from other series are welcome to participate, but must run the livery and number placard of the driver they are driving for. Points will be awarded to the primary driver, not the sub.

Points will be awarded for each driver in the team, and the total points for each team member will be added together for a total team score

All teams have the option to remain in their teams, or elect to be drafted at the end of the season. Teams must agree to either stay together, or both will be put into the draft. The draft will be a random drawing of draft able drivers into open and available teams.


*Please note that these rules can be updated as conditions require.

  1. Boost will be run only on certain tracks going forward, to be determined by the race captain.
    1. There will be plenty of notice, and will be posted on the website accordingly.
  2. Penalties
    1. It is the responsibility of the drivers to call out other drivers. Race officials do not have time to watch every car in every race through every corner to find infractions. That is up to the individual drivers to police themselves.
    1. Drivers have 12 hours to register a complaint for review. Those complaints need to be directed to the race coordinator (currently PresidioDog).
    1. Admins doing commentary can also notice infractions and submit them to the race coordinator. If the race coordinator is the subject of the inquiry, RWB Racing Admins will make the decision.
    1. PIT LANE
      1. Crossing pit lane under normal race conditions – 5 seconds
      1. Avoiding a collision or crossing under a spin – No Penalty
      1. When approaching pit lane, you must be out of the racing line if at all possible. Do not try to pit from the racing line, as you may come across the nose of a car trying to pass you.
    1. PUNTING/HITTING (contact with another car that causes that car to spin or leave the track, or causing another vehicle to collide with another vehicle).
      1. There are very little, if any, excuses for punting/hitting another car on the track. If you do, the driver should slow down as MUCH and as SAFELY as possible away from the racing line until the affected driver/drivers regain the position back., even if it puts you to the back of the field.
      1. The first infraction will not cost you a 20 second penalty (assuming you wait for the other driver to regain their position(s), each additional infraction will cost you 20 seconds. (to be reviewed by race officials). If on your first infraction, you do not wait, you will be assessed a 20 second penalty.
      1. Any race ending hit on the last lap of the race, that is for position, and is decided that it was on purpose, to gain a position, will be penalized with a 20 second penalty.
      1. Consistent punting/hitting, or driving reckless, will warrant a suspension of 1 race. This will be reviewed and decided upon only by RWB Racing admins, and not the stewards.
      1. If punting is a continued problem, you will be asked to resign from the series.
      1. While late breaking is a race tactic, and useful under certain circumstances, it is to be used sparingly and with absolute caution.
      1. Dive bombing from outside of the proper racing line/etiquette is prohibited. A penalty of 5 seconds will be issued if the stewards review the incident and find the driver was in violation.

HOST: PresidioDog

EAST Division Drivers

East Division – 8:30 pm Race Start (8:15 Driver Meeting/Qualifying)

WEST Division Drivers

West Division West – 10:00 pm Race Start (9:45 Driver Meeting/Qualifying)

Team Rankings

Due to the re-scheduled East race, the team standing will appear to be off. After the 13MAR20 race, we will have the official team ranking.

TeamPointsDivisionTop Team Driver
Alfa Romeo680EastRWB_Cupcake33
Red Bull472WestRWB_Igorski
Toro Rosso272WestPatriotic_Tifosi

Season 1 Race Schedule

Race #DateCourse/TrackLapsFuelTiresDistanceTime of DayChampionship RaceBoost
217-JAN-2020Dragon Trail - Gardens29x5x678.4213:00Y
324-JAN-2020Kyoto Driving Park - Yamagiwa + Miyabi18x5x676.5718:00Y
507-FEB-2020Autodrome Lago Maggiore GP II22x5x679.4205:00Y
BYE WEEK14-FEB-2020Valentines Day...we're not stupid 😉Valentines Day...we're not stupid 😉Valentines Day...we're not stupid 😉Valentines Day...we're not stupid 😉Valentines Day...we're not stupid 😉Valentines Day...we're not stupid 😉Valentines Day...we're not stupid 😉
621-FEB-2020Fuji GT (Short)27x5x676.5506:30Y
728-FEB-2020Nürburgring GP/F24x5x676.7712:00Y
EAST ONLY MAKEUP13-MAR-2020Kyoto Driving Park - Yamagiwa + Miyabi18x5x676.5718:00EAST MAKEUP RACEY
C1 - 1st Race (9pm Eastern)20-MAR-2020Red Bull Ring15x5x640.2516:15Championship RaceN
C2 - 2nd Race (15 min after 1st)20-MAR-2020Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps (W)9x5x639.1706:30 Pot RainChampionship RaceN
C3 - 3rd Race (15 min after 2nd)20-MAR-2020Monza11x5x639.5917:00Championship Race

Series Races

RACE 1 | Barcelona

Race 2 | Dragon Trail – Gardens

Race 3 | Kyoto Driving Park – Yamagiwa + Miyabi

Race 4 | Suzuka

Race 5 | Autodrome Lago Maggiore GP II

Race 6 | Fuji GP

Race 7 | Nürburgring GP/F

Race 8 | Interlagos


Race 1 | Red Bull Ring

Race 2 | Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

Race 3 | Monza