RWB Racing and The Greater Spokane Meals on Wheels Present:


A virtual auto race on the PlayStation Gran Turismo Sport platform. This race will be a 90 minute endurance race (Laps TBD). Tire and fuel wear will be on, so pit stops will be needed.

The qualifying and Race will be live streamed. You can click the YouTube link and the Facebook Public Page links, to subscribe and like. This will give you an alert when we go live.

Qualifying Day: August 26th, 2020 6-8pm PST (9-11 EST)

Race Day: August 29th, 2020 – 5-8pm PST (8-11pm EST)

5-6pm Open Practice and Interviews | 6-8pm Race

Qualifying Order For The Race

7RWB_JackAston Martin2:15.487
13SpyderteamAston Martin2:18.876


Meals On Wheels Official CarRWB_Trology

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The race will be live streamed with commentary from RWB_PresidioDog (Chris Ball) and RWB_VFrancisco (Vasco Francisco) on the RWB YouTube channel.

Race Course: Kyoto Driving Park Y+M

Race Day Information:

  • Practice will open 60 minutes before race time.
  • The live stream will start at 4:00pt/7:00et where we will interview the drivers.
  • We will have some words from the Meals on Wheels Director of the Spokane Valley group.
  • We will have a parade lap, once all of the drivers are on track, and will set the starting grid. And the race will being at 5:00pm Pst / 8pm Est sharp.
  • Chris Ball (RWB_PresidioDog) and Vasco Francisco (RWB_VFrancisco) will be the commentator for the event.

Cars – Group 3

  • Corvette
  • Mustang
  • Viper
  • Porsche 911 RSR 991 17′
  • Mercedes AMG
  • Ferrari 458
  • Lamborghini


  • We will hold a qualifier ahead of the race day event, to set the grid for race day. This will be in a super pole format.
  • Qualifier/Practice lobby will be open for 120 minutes, with normal fuel and tire wear.
  • The qualifier will be live broadcast as well on the YouTube channel.

Race Setup

  • Tuning: Yes
  • BOP: HP and Weight limits
  • Boost: Weak
  • Slipstream: Weak
  • Penalties: On
  • Required Tires: M,H of 10 laps each.
  • Tires Wear: 3x
  • Fuel Consumption: 1x
  • Time of Day: 15:30 Clear
  • Laps: TBD